Khazar - Karol Wojtyla


It was once said that "Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels." Of all places, scoundrels abound in religion. It would be more correct to say that religion is the last refuge of scoundrels.

What better veil for duplicity, deceit and worldly ambition than behind the mask of respectable religion?

We live in an age of mass deception where euphemisms mesmerize the masses into a gullible self-destructive apathy. Apathy, transformed into virtue, is the superlative degree of practical atheism. The `doctrine' from which this religious apathy flows is best described as "Wojtylian religious indifference" _ in a word: ecumenism.

But, then, this is the stuff of which the Great Apostasy is made. It does not take very much effort _ either physical or mental _ to dismiss the implications of once-embraced doctrines with a casual wave of the hand. Apostasy requires no effort today; it only asks for cowardly submissiveness to indifference.

And the farce continues! It has continued unabated during the entire year 2000 that had been ushered in with the "Great Jubilee of the Year 2000" which left even some well-meaning "conservatives" of the Apostate Church wondering.

The sense of the sacred? Don't bother straining your eyes for it. The apocalyptic "Beast of the Earth" _ a title most fitting for the Polish Jew, Karol Wojtyla _ brazenly and boldly continues his "Judaizing agenda" by cleverly leading the unsuspecting masses of nominal Catholics in a prayer for the anti-Christs who have never ceased their plot against the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

And Karol Wojtyla, alias "Pope John Paul II," continues to enthrall the unthinking masses. Not least among these masses are the once-Catholic Lithuanians and their Polish neighbors.

In order to understand Karol Wojtyla, it is necessary to know who he truly is. Ethnically, he is half Polish and half Khazar. His father was Polish and his mother was Khazar (erroneously and deceitfully called "Jew").

Among the many tragedies of life is to confuse things: To mistake enemies for friends and friends for enemies. Another tragedy of human life is man's peculiar propensity to believe lies rather than the truth.

The Jews know that Wojtyla is one of them. But how can reluctant Catholics be sure? Apart from the undeniable fact that Wojtyla has been abusing simple-minded Roman Catholics for so many years, there should be one, final line drawn between the true and the false Roman Catholic.

Just as Moses drew a line in the sand to separate the faithful believers from the worshippers of the golden calf, it is time to draw the line between genuine, loyal Roman Catholics and those who have chosen to follow the Beast of the Apocalypse _ the Precursor, as it were, of the Antichrist _ "John Paul II".

What is Karol Wojtyla's origin? We look to the official Baptismal records concerning Karol Wojtyla for the answer. A bold book entitled HIS HOLINESS _John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time, penned by a "Jewish" journalist Carol Bernstein and an Italian journalist Marco Poletti gives us the necessary information regarding Wojtyla.

The authors state the following in their book: "The birth register in the sacristy of the church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, directly across the street from the room in which Karol Wojtyla was born, records the event: `Natus _ 18, V, 1920 _Carolus Josephus Wojtyla, Catholic, male, legitimate child. Parents, Carolus _father, military functionary; mother, Kaczorowska, Emilia, daughter of Feliks and Maria Szolc."(His Holiness, p. 18).

Let us first explode the lie that Karol Wojtyla _ by his own mouth _ stated that he was "Lithuanian" on his mother's side. There is no such Lithuanian name as "Kaczarowska" nor "Szolc". The Anglicized pronunciation of these two family names would be, respectively, "Katz" and "Schultz."

We are further informed by the same authors, that "The family was of Lithuanian origin, but she had been born in 1884 in Silesia, a German-speaking province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, just west of Galicia." (His Holiness, p.18).

The fact that Wojtyla's mother's parents lived in Lithuania does not mean that they were ethnic Lithuanians. We find many leading Jewish Communist to have lived in Lithuania. This is not difficult to understand because Lithuanians, true to their faith, were tolerant of other religions.

It is very strange that the surname of Karol Wojtyla's mother was "Kaczarowska" (Katz) while her "parents" were Feliks and Maria Schultz.

Conclusion: Karol Wojtyla is not half Lithuanian as he claimed. And, according to the Khazar matriarchal system, he is not even considered by the Khazars to be Polish. He is considered by them to be a Khazar ("Jew"). This is something anyone can readily verify by asking a Jewish friend. Like the Negro, the only sure parent of an offspring is the mother. This is why the "Jews" regard the mother as the source of ethnic origin and not the father, as in the patriarchal family system. Note well that the entire Old Testament and the New upholds the patriarchal system of society.

We will examine this question concerning Karol Wojtyla in more detail in an article in this present issue of The Seraph. In examining the ideology of Karol Wojtyla which he boldly imposes on unsuspecting Roman Catholics, we will find that this Polish Jew reflects the same mentality as that of his compatriots who persecuted the Church. Finding that outright and direct persecution only strengthened the faith of the people, the new tactic is to subtly undermine the faith from within the Church. Suffice it for now to urge every Roman Catholic to heed the evidence presented here; to seriously consider the evidence and be prepared to accept the consequences of this evidence. For, as unpalatable as it is, we cannot hide from the facts. The words of our Lady of La Salette have come true: "Rome will lose the faith and will become the seat of the Antichrist."

If these terrifying words spoken by the Mother of God have no impact on those who call themselves "Catholic,' then, this is a certain sign that such are not Catholic. As St.John said: "They were among us, but they were not of us."

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